English lessonsУшбу саҳифада ўқитувчилар ва инглиз тилига қизиқувчи ўқувчи ёшлар учун инглиз тилидаги видеодарслар юклаб борилади.

В данной странице будут публиковаться видеоуроки на английском языке для учителей и учеников, которые настроенны серьёзно обучиться иностранному языку.

Learn english internet vocabulary

Click on this video to learn essential Internet vocabulary. What’s the difference between signing in and signing up? How do we use Google, Facebook, and email as verbs? What’s streaming? What does it mean to look something up? Learn this vocabulary and more in this useful lesson.

5 ways to say goodbye in English

Tired of just saying “bye” and “goodbye”? Here are five new ways to say goodbye in English. Watch this vocabulary lesson to improve your conversation skills. I teach you how and when to use the following ways to say goodbye: see ya, take it easy, have a good one, take care, catch ya later.

Speaking English – How to answer the phone

Practice speaking on the phone with me, Emma! Do you know how to speak on the phone? Do you feel nervous talking on the phone? In this survival English video, I teach you common expressions to use on a phone call. By learning these expressions, your telephone conversations will become clearer and you will understand more. You can practice these expressions by taking our quiz.

3 expressions to improve your conversation skills

Want to improve your conversation skills? In this lesson, I will teach you three common conversation expressions. By learning these expressions, you’ll make it easier for people to understand what you’re saying, and your speech will flow more naturally.

A lot, alot, lots, allot

A lot, alot, lots or allot? These four small words cause confusion to native speakers of English and those learning English as a second language. This lesson will teach you the correct ways to use these words, with lots of examples. After watching the class, you can allot some time to taking our quiz.

Telephone English- Emma’s top tips

Calling someone soon? Do you feel nervous when you speak on the telephone? Many English learners feel uncomfortable when they have to use English on the phone. In this lesson, I will teach you my top tips on how to have a successful telephone conversation. Watch this video and become more confident in your telephone English.

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