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T-Club, the first «TEA» party

Our dear teachers Gulchekhra Sagdullayevna and Diana Mustafina have decided to organize a T- Club which was last Friday in “Umid” boarding – school. When the teachers came to the place they were surprised seeing a nice “Dastarxan” with lots of sweets there. The organizers covered a table with a cloth and made a warm atmosphere.

After getting acquainted with each other all the T-club participants were happy to discuss the video that they watched. The theme was Tea and they watched a video about history of tea. Moreover, Diana managed to play with all an interesting activity with funny questions. We are very thankful to these beautiful teachers for their interesting and warm T-Club party.


2 thoughts on “T-Club, the first «TEA» party

  1. Bobur

    Во, класс. Впервые вижу как учителя сидят вместе за “круглым” столом, так сказать. Спасибо за инфо )). Самые активные учителя думаю, что только в нашем интернате. Кто за +++ )

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