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«What is advertisement?» очиқ дарс ишланмаси

Жиззах ВХТБга қарашли «Умид» Ихтисослаштирилган давлат умумтаълим мактаб интернати инглиз тили ўқитувчиси Содиқов Насим Хусанбоевич АКТ ёрдамида «What is advertisement?» номли очиқ дарс ўтди. Қўйида ушбу очиқ дарсдан олинган фотожамламаларни ва дарс ишланмасини юклаб олишингиз мумкин.

Lesson Plan for the 9th Grades

Theme: Debates
Skills to be developed: Reading, speaking, writing, listening
Class management: Plenary, Individual work, Group work, Pair work
Teacher: Nasim Sadikov


Educational aim: To help pp to improve personal qualities like behavior, education etc. to improve pp  political knowledge, to form their developing skills and abilities.

Developing aim: develop pupils‘personal skills, English learning, motivational skills, develop pupils‘ self educational skills, communicative skills.

Upbringing aim: T should help pp to improve their knowledge, experience. Teach pupils new grammar rules, new words, improve their listening, reading, oral speech and writing skills.

Objectives: To help pupils to practice their knowledge about advertisement by Debates activity. To give an opportunity to pupils to express their ideas free in groups.  To give pupils an opportunity to work in groups cooperatively.

Materials: Books, cards, pictures, letters, projector, “Now board”

«What is advertisement?»  очиқ дарсга ажратилган вақт

Очиқ дарсдан фотолавҳа

Очиқ дарсдан фотолавҳа - 2

Проектор ёрдамида ўқувчиларга видеолар қўйилди

Ўқувчилар гуруҳларга бўлинган холда ишлашди

Ўқувчилар гуруҳларга бўлинган холда ишлашди

Ўқувчилар гуруҳларга бўлинган холда ишлашди

Ўқувчилар гуруҳларга бўлинган холда ишлашди

1.Organizational moment.

Good morning pupils. What is the date today? What is the weather like today?

2. Revising some phrases and words from the last lesson. 


What was our lesson about?
What does the word “ ” mean?
What is “advertising code”?

 3. Introducing the new theme –  “Advertisement” Presentation. “Pre – Activity”

«What is advertisement?»  очиқ дарс

«What is advertisement?»  очиқ дарс ишланмаси

Two Sample Videos about Commercial advertisement and Social advertisement.

4. Debate “While – Activity” 

The teacher divides pupils into 2 groups using “Choose the candy” activity and divides the groups. The divided groups get their names. Group 1 is Positive thinkers. Group 2 is Negative thinkers.

The teacher explains to the divided groups that they are going to have a discussion (debate) and gives them 8 minutes to discuss the task. After the discussion in groups pupils say their ideas.

open lesson

5. Conclusion. “Post – Activity”

At the end of the discussion teacher makes a conclusion. They watch videos with interviews. The videos show other pupils’ and teachers’ opinions about bad and good influence of advertisement.

The teacher plays with pupils “Cooperation” activity.

6. Revising activity. Remember 

Questions and answers

7. Estimating and giving homework

Exercises from page 74 (R. Murphy)

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