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Live, Love, Learn in Malaysia (video)

Malaysia is a country best known for two things among a thousand others. Firstly its food, secondly, its people. If you find one beyond Malaysia, you will most probably spot the other nearby. You have probably seen the multitude of Malaysian food available all over the world. From the skyscrapers of New York to the Outbacks of Australia, the world is no stranger to Malaysian dishes and culture.

   Made up of a mix of Malay, Chinese, Indians and indigenous races, Malaysians are a harmonious bunch. Cultures mix and blend together in a kaleidoscope of fanfare as Malaysians celebrate the four major holidays as one. From the month-long Ramadhan and Hari Raya Aidilfitri to the crimson coloured Chinese New Year and even the brightly lit nights of Deepavali and Christmas, you will be delighted to know that the holidays in Malaysia are as colourful as they are aplenty. During holiday periods is when you will notice the true unity that makes Malaysia such a unique country. Kids and adults alike from all walks of life come together to celebrate each other’s holiday.

   The best thing about holidays is of course the food. Expect to be invited to various open houses for Hari Raya where you will sample the best homemade nasi lemang and rendang. Delicious cakes and cookies await you too. Or for a sense of grandeur, walk into a Chinese restaurant and ask for the Yee Sang which only comes once a year and is available in only Malaysia and Singapore. It requires a bit of skill with chopsticks as you and friends collective toss and mix up a platter of sweet, savoury salmon that is mixed in with vegetables and pastry dishes. Now if you love Indian food, be prepared for only the spiciest and most indulgent dishes during the Deepavali festivities. 

   There are a host of other resources you may want to read up on with regards to Malaysia but the best way to discover the country is to entrench yourself into its folds. Malaysians are a friendly bunch and if you’re nice enough, you will find yourself quickly introduced into the cultures and colours of this vibrant and beautiful country.


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