Инглиз тилидан тест саволлари
(умумий лексика)

Инглиз тили дунёдаги энг кўп ишлатиладиган тиллар ичида 3-ўринда туради (Испан ҳамда хитой тиллардан кейин). Инглиз тили Европа Иттифоқининг асосий ҳамда БМТнинг 3та расмий иш юритиш тилларидан бири ҳисобланади, Буюк Британия, Ирландия, Шим. Америка, Австралия, Янги Зеландия, Осиё ва Африкадаги кўпгина мамлакатларда тарқалган. Бу тилда ер юзидаги 1 миллиарддан ортиқ киши гаплашади.


Инглиз тилидан ўз билимларингизни синаб кўринг!

1. The organizers decided to go ahead with the match ... the bad weather.
2. The hall was very ... with over fifty people stuck into it.
3. She lives near me I often speak to her on my ... to work.
4. The company has had a bad year and will therefore not be ... any new workers.
5. ... experience of working in an office environment is essential for this job.
6. The plane crashed into a bridge because it was flying too ... .
7. When I learned to ski, I practiced on a slope that was not too ... .
8. The estate agent spent a ... deal of time trying to persuade me to buy the house.
9. I`m not sure ... the green coat is.
10. He is a little bit ... in his left ear, but if you speak clearly he will hear what you say.
11. In order to ... with his studies he worked through the summer.
12. He kept his job ... the manager had threatened to dismiss him.
13. Our company is a small organization with only a few ... .
14. Before we start the lesson, I`d like to ... what we did yesterday.
15. We expected him at eight, but he finally ... at midnight.
16. If you have any ... concerning this report, please phone the Office.
17. If you keep trying, you might ... to do it.
18. She has to work hard to keep the house ... and tidy with three small children.
19. The hotel has been built on the ... of a lake.
20. I`ll be with you in ... .
21. Choose the best answer.
He was so tired that he ... asleep in the chair.
22. He`s intelligent but he ... common sense.
23. The girl woke up crying because she had ... a nightmare.
24. Write to me and tell me ... about your holiday in Switzerland.
25. The shirt I wore that day was torn but I don`t think anyone ... .


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(умумий лексика)

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