Tourism in Uzbekistan - Ta’lim / Образование

Tourism in Uzbekistan

Tourism and Travel are relatively new industries that have developed in our country for the last 18 years, after Uzbekistan gained independence from former Soviet Union and became a sovereign nation. For more than 70 years the country was closed for the world with “an iron curtain”. Quite interferer standard of tourist sector for all those years made the nation weaker. Staying away doesn’t do the country any good while going into the country makes a difference. By depriving the area of tourism it’s the locals who suffered greatly. It’s undeniable that tourism brings substantial economic gain to developing countries influxing foreign currency and providing jobs.

Tourism is the world’s second largest industry, employing more people than the oil industry and the world’s most popular economic activity. Billions of the world’s travel dollars go to the tourist’s sector from industrialized nations which provide the most percentage of tourists. Obviously, Uzbekistan has got long-term benefits for creating and developing tourism: historical heritage, indigenous culture, specific traditions and customs, unusual from Europe wildlife and nature. Creating and developing tourism in the area it’s essential that we offer options for alternatives to the usual tourist’s hotspots and focus on active outdoor activities and wilderness experiences – trekking and backpacking, mountaineering and climbing horseback hunting and camelback journeys across the deserts. Uzbekistan’s deserts and mountains offer a challenge for the adventurous traveler who seeks unique scenery and wildlife – many species of reptiles, lizards.

In conclusion, Uzbekistan has challenges for the adventurous travelers who seek unique scenery and wildlife and prefer extreme outdoor activities as well as for the intellectual travelers who are specialized in ancient history and want to explore cultural values.



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