Тест по английскому языку

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Английский язык – это наиболее распространенный язык общения в мире, и поэтому неудивительно, что так много людей хотят научиться говорить по-английски. Без сомнения, на занятиях английского языка Вы узнаете много интересного ведь это родной язык значительного количества жителей нескольких стран — англичан (официальный язык Великобритании), большей части жителей США (официальный язык тридцати одного штата), один из двух официальных языков Ирландии (наряду с ирландским), Канады (наряду с французским) и многих других стран. Говорящих на английском языке в лингвистике называют англофонами.

1. New York is ____ Paris.
2. The teacher explained the new rule ____ the pupils and they listened ____ her attentively.
3. A country is quieter ____ a city.
4. Choose the antonym to the underlined word. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
5. The house is 50 meters ____ the sea.
6. We are very busy ____ weekdays.
7. She came ____ the garage.
8. Choose the appropriate form of the verb. Little boys love playing in the mud, ... through puddles, and ... very dirty.
9. At ____ first they began to look for ____ dry place.
10. On ____ first day they stopped at ____ river and decided to make ____ camp.
11. Choose the appropriate articles. I`d like to enter ... teachers` training college, I love ... children.
12. Choose the appropriate word(s). ... people sleep outside in the streets in many countries.
13. He spends his time ____ the banks of the river.
14. Prague is one of the ____ cities in Europe.
15. On ____ bright January morning ____ telephone kept ringing in my office.
16. Choose the best answer. - Do you like David? - ... .
17. Choose the best question. She slammed the door and left the room very angrily.
18. My friends went ____ a cycling tour last week.
19. Choose the antonym to the underlined word. Where is your little sister?
20. Choose the appropriate form of the verb. Professor: You can`t sleep in my class. Student: If you ... so loud I ... .
21. How many children ____ they ____ ?
22. Choose the pair of antonyms.
23. You must work hard ____ your English.
24. You are ____ me.
25. Choose the appropriate articles. We`ll go by ... train to ... place called Dochester. It`s a long way, and there isn`t ... bus service there.


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